Fahrenheit 451

by Wolf's Endeavor

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released October 16, 2012



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Wolf's Endeavor Orlando, Florida

Wolf's Endeavor is a horror-punk side project by The Lance, guitarist for Orlando's necro-viral thrash band DISFUNCTION. 'The Horror' is the latest and perhaps greatest Wolf's Endeavor album. Three Wolf's Endeavor albums have been released on DISFUNCTION's label, Necro21. DISFUNCTION has played shows with THE MISFITS, BLITZKID, & many other bands. ... more

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Track Name: Fahrenheit 451
Secrets of the ages decoded, The fire rages, Think only of what we have laid before you! Control is the game, Power in the flame, Put your trust in what we have paid you to do! Fahrenheit four five one! Fire!
Dissidents beware, The spark becomes a flare! We ensure you won't know enough to fear!
Track Name: Invisible
In an age when no one can see, And horrors take a gift to perceive, Alienated from truth and honesty, Under duress by the hand of our enemies! Invisible! Invisible man! Invisible! If no one could see you, what would you do? Imagine if no one could see, Under guise of anonymity, Unchained from the eyes of corrupt society, Would you do good if you were truly free?
Track Name: The Modern Prometheus
What gift hath Man's hand wrought? Playing God! Not an original thought, A medley of signals bought, Mental real estate, Assembled for what fate? Bringing life into the world, Subject to a life of scorn, Bringing light into the world, Burden, sacrifice unknown,Seeking love in the world, Shocked to life, bringing fright! Bringing sight to the world, Burning down, Set alight!
Track Name: Fangs for your support
A curse in the land, It spreads through the air, Strange deceptions weaken perceptions to a stare! Transylvania's manor expanding its walls, To bloodsucking plague the cities will fall! Fearless in trust, Drowned by sophistry in mist! Fangs for your support, funding new conquests! No one will believe, Supernatural conspiracies, Blame it on the lost, this undead disease! Beyond mobs and castle walls, there's an eager liar, Drawing blood from fickle wills! Nosferatu! Vampire! Fangs! Fangs for your support!
Track Name: We Rule The Night
Hovering high above, Destroyer of all you love, Witnesses in the sky cast an all-seeing eye! We rule the night! Let there be no light! Heirs to everything you build, By decree, easily stilled! Champions of your will! As written, you will fulfill!
We rule the night! Let there be no light!
Track Name: Moon
Been raking rocks up on the surface, Sending a message out, waiting for report, Life alone on the dark side of the moon! When seeking truth won't make you nervous, Lend a visage now, awaiting a retort, Light at last, but bitter too soon! Are we disposable? What fills our tables and enables our delights? Enlightenment so sure, do we step back into the night?! Shooting across the sky now, Three days to arrival... Have we been slaves, and where's the value? With our happiness on hold, are their actions to suspect? And if we realize ourselves, how will we direct?
Track Name: A Bullet's Defense
Hammer sparks ignition, The target's intuition, Do you hear the one? Propulsion on whose wings? Taunter of your dreams? Or simple karmic things? People! People kill people! A bullet's defense! Sent on a mission, Automatic decision, Do you know the one? Propulsion on whose wings? Taunter of your dreams? Or simple karmic things?
Track Name: Subtropical Dreams
Lurking just beneath, Reptilian eyes, Hunting their keep under innocent skies, A day in the sun, a welcome breeze, A horizon of water, Beloved palm trees, Masking itself in your hopes, The evil - it hides! In the wake, envious jaws, See the beast arise! See the beast arise! Subtropical dreams!
The ages don't faze what will always be, A devil's heart pumps blood cold as lies
Track Name: Headless
Running from conscience, poetic justice, Galloping not far behind!
Karma's spector, Vengeance executor, Consequence for capital crime!
Haunting the countryside, Land where your victims died,
Payback's coming after you!
Constantly seeking, Darkness is creeping, Know there's no escape for you!
Track Name: Night of the Living
Night of the living - Still alive! There is power in fear, but it's a two-way street! Backed against the wall, then they're raising the stakes! When it's power you seek over those around you, Beware of the meek - They'll soon surround you! Will we be saved as we roam the night? If you're afraid... Then you know you're still alive!
Track Name: The Hidebehind
What you don't know, Don't turn around, (It's no use!) What was that sound? All on your own, What you don't know... Helpless, Hopeless, It's too late! The hidebehind hunts at night! It hunts at night! It hunts at night! It hunts at night! Shine a light! What you don't see, Twisting dark unknown... (Hunting you!)
Track Name: Ray Gun
Microscopic seed into your face! Misanthropic breed, A new unholy race! The evil in you grows,
It becomes one with the host, And soon, There will be no helping you! Never again to be just one! To free your soul,
A zap from my ray gun! You can't stop the needs, The scarcity demands supply, And freedom will ring!
Track Name: Witch Burning
Saddles in the sky, Riding ancient lies! Demon cauldron, Doom! Satanic, Children's tomb! Mystic circles cleared of leaves,
With pentacles, Three times deceived Such are paths of proven fire! Foreign, Clove-hooved liars! Witch burning!