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by Wolf's Endeavor

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released April 30, 2012



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Wolf's Endeavor Orlando, Florida

Wolf's Endeavor is a horror-punk side project by The Lance, guitarist for Orlando's necro-viral thrash band DISFUNCTION. 'The Horror' is the latest and perhaps greatest Wolf's Endeavor album. Three Wolf's Endeavor albums have been released on DISFUNCTION's label, Necro21. DISFUNCTION has played shows with THE MISFITS, BLITZKID, & many other bands. ... more

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Track Name: Thundrous Applause
Sixty-six! Empire so great, what have you to hide? The suns never set on neither side - Solidarity beyond the skies - Too great to conceive of lies - "Our strength is our pride" - Dissolved the senate to consolidate power - In desperation, we approach the final hour - Liberty dies to thunderous applause - Fear itself is the driving motivation - Expedient in the eyes of Leviathan - Liberty dies to thunderous applause
Track Name: No Fate
Automatic adaptation - Amorphous hope to save your world - Born of that inspiration - Disorder takes hold - No fate! - Through chaos we mold - No escape - Entropy so bold - Enginetic creation - Propensity forthought - Understand - React to expectation - Destroy the plans - No Fate!
Track Name: First Blood
Another vagrant – spit and curses, I'm alone on the pavement – Can I find my way home? - Calling Raven – You're not wanted here! Is there a haven for my kind? I persevere – Don't draw first blood – You won't have a chance – Don't draw first – A red mess on your hands – Reds don't have a chance! First Blood!
Track Name: Outlanders
Led astray – Need something to fill the space – Proposed a solution to adult sin and disgrace – No one left untainted – No one left to show us – Out of the equation – The future's up to us – Outlanders won't anticipate the form – He Who Walks Behind The Rows – The children of the corn – Run Away – But you won't know which way to turn – Infernal pesticide – See the fields as they burn – New morality over justice – See your blue man on the cross – Soon your sacrificial life's complete, and nothing's lost!
Track Name: Hysterical
Hysterical – Can we escape as the demon grip takes hold? Recognize damned legions block the door – It's terrible – Can we create a portal straight to Hell – Chainsaws and shotguns – Go medieval! - Remember – Love – Remember – It lives forever – And once again, we'll see the light of day
Track Name: Planet of the Apes
Bipedal and nothing more – Inherit remains of a nuclear war – Radiation mutation at an accelerating speed – Warring nations blind to their self-deceit – Is this the life? - Is this deserved? - Time's secrets in light, when harnessed, reversed – No peace with oceans and traps to navigate – No patience to find solidarity through good faith – Is there no escape from the planet of the apes? - Anthropomorphic darwinian delusions – Kangaroo courts demand no intrusions – Keepers of the law pregnant with disasters from reapers of new knowledge from a long-dead past – Is there no escape from the planet of the apes?
Track Name: Boiler Room
On your street – You don't sleep – Night or day – You walk awake – Energy! - Turn around – Turn your back on the boiler room – Pull you through – Confrontation – Hallucination – Down to nothing